OGI’s Principals

OGI is honored to represent some of the best names in the industry.  

OGI’s principals to date include:

BlueView (www.blueview.com)Blueview
BlueView Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of miniature multi-beam imaging sonar.

Chesapeake TechnologyChesapeake Technology (www.chesapeaketech.com)
Chesapeake Technology offers sidescan and sub-bottom sonar mapping software for the geophysical and geological survey industry.

Deep Sea Power & LightDeep Sea Power & Light (www.deepsea.com)
Underwater lights, cameras, video, floatation and more.

DT Marine (www.dtmarineproductsinc.com)
DT Marine Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, low maintenance, oceanographic winches and handling systems

EdgeTechEdgeTech (www.edgetech.com)
Edgetech provides sonar systems for marine applications with commercial, government and research customers.

EIVAEIVA (www.eiva.dk)
EIVA is a unique provider of software, products, integrated system solutions and services for application within the offshore and marine survey industry. It is our objective to maintain and expand our position in the market through excellence in technology, quality, and customer service.

FalmatFalmat (www.falmat.com)
Falmat has been a leader in custom cable design and manufacturing for four decades.

HardiggHardigg Instrustries (www.hardigg.com)
Hardigg Cases builds the toughest, smartest, and most reliable transport solutions in the world. For more than 50 years, they have designed transport systems to protect sensitive equipment under the most severe conditions imaginable. Today, everyone from scientists and photographers to major military, defense, and aerospace contractors trusts their critical gear to Hardigg cases

HemisphereHemisphere GPS (www.hemispheregps.com)
Hemishpere’s Precision GPS Guidance Group specializes in creating DGPS integrated receivers, GPS compass, antennas and OEM Modules that are used in a variety of applications, both on land and in the water.

IxseaIxsea (www.ixsea.com)
IXSEA combines smart technology and experience to provide scientific, offshore, defense and space customers with a range of innovative systems and solutions to meet their individual navigation, positioning, imagery, moorings and survey requirements.

Liquid RoboticsLiquid Robotics (www.liquidr.com)
Initially a joint venture between Jupiter Research Foundation and Roger Hine to develop an unmoored, station-keeping data buoy for monitoring humpback whales, Liquid Robotics was incorporated in January of 2007 to continue development of the technology. The Wave Glider is the company’s flagship product, enabling dozens of applications and missions never before possible.

OceanscienceThe Oceanscience Group (www.oceanscience.com)
The Oceanscience Group is a world leader in development and manufacture of oceanographic and hydrologic field equipment and instrumentation.

Presens Presens (www.presens.com)
Presens develops and supplies pressure sensor solutions based on proprietary patented technology. The unique design of the sensing element enables extremely accurate and stable measurement of pressure and temperature.  The highly reliable data generated by our sensors is ideal input for advanced monitoring and control systems – allowing them to operate to their full potential.

Teledyne ImpulseTeledyne Impulse (www.impulse-ent.com)
Teledyne Impulse is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of electrical and optical interconnect systems for a wide array of harsh environments.

Teledyne ODITeledyne ODI (www.odi.com)
ODI designs and manufactures subsea electrical, fiber optic, hybrid and high power interconnect systems.

Teledyne OdomTeledyne Odom (www.odomhydrographic.com)
Teledyne Odom Hydrographic specializes in hydrographic quality echo sounding equipment, including single beam, multi beam and sound velocity probes.

Teledyne RDITeledyne RD Instruments (www.rdinstruments.com)
Teledyne RD Instruments is the leading supplier of acoustic Doppler products for current profiling, directional waves measurement, and precision underwater navigation applications.

Teledyne TSSTeledyne TSS (www.teledyne-tss.com)
Teledyne TSS has a century of experience in marine navigation, gyrocompasses and steering controls. This is combined with a range of high-tech, accurate sensors for heading and motion measurement, and subsea pipe and cable survey and detection.

VideoRayVideoRay (www.videoray.com)
VideoRay is the worldwide leader in observation class ROVs

WFS TechnologiesWFS Technologies (www.wfs-tech.com)
WFS Technologies and are the world’s leading supplier of through-water and through-ground wireless radio frequency (RF) technology for communication, navigation and power transfer. Our field proven expertise in wireless connectivity is delivering cost savings and new capability to Homeland Security & Defense worldwide.